Our Telescopes

This web site is just starting. For now with four telescopes. Later we will add more telescopes (coming online soon will be a 200mm Epsilon Takahashi telescope, and a 30cm RC telescope with a LISA spectrograph).

Model Canon 135mm F/2
Diameter 67mm
Focal Ratio F/2
Camera ZWO Asi 1600MM Cool plus LRGB Ha OIII SII filters
Field of view 7.5°x5.7° (one pixel = 5.8")
The ideal instrument to make wide field views of the Milky Way, search for novae, etc. Limited toward the northern sky. Typical exposure, one minute, maximum 5 minutes. Very luminous instrument, do not use during full moon, would saturate on the sky easily (except with Halpha filter). Autoguiding possible (with QHY miniguidescope).
We provide darks with exposure times of 60, 120, 180, 300 and 600 seconds, in binning 1x1.

0.15 $SP per Minute

Brand Astro-Physics
Model Starfire EDFS 155
Diameter 155
Focal Ratio 7.57
Camera FLI PL16803 plus L, R, G, B, Ha, OIII, SII filters
Field of view 1.8x1.8° (1 pixel = 1.58 ")
Very high quality super sharp optics. Astro-Physics refractors are among the best instruments. This refracting telescope is ideal to target large emission nebulae as well as galaxies.

1 $SP per Minute

Brand Astrosib
Model RC 250
Diameter 250mm
Focal Ratio 8
Camera ASI ZWO 1600MM
Field of view 30'x23'
Astrosib RC 250, mounted on a modified EQ8 mount, equipped with a zwo 1600 camera. The filter wheel has LRGB Ha, OIII and SII filters. The very small pixels and long focal length give a 0.4"/pixel and a field of 30x23 arc minutes on the sky.

Due to terrestrial obstacles in the lightpath, do not choose objects with a DEC higher than +20°.

1 $SP per Minute