Our Telescopes

This web site is just starting. For now with four telescopes. Later we will add more telescopes (coming online soon will be a 200mm Epsilon Takahashi telescope, and a 30cm RC telescope with a LISA spectrograph).

Model Canon 135mm F/2
Diameter 67mm
Focal Ratio F/2
Camera SBIG STL11000 plus LRGB Ha filters
Field of view 15°x10° (one pixel = 13.75")
The ideal instrument to make wide field views of the Milky Way, search for novae, etc. Limited toward the northern sky. Typical exposure, one minute, maximum 5 minutes. Very luminous instrument, do not use during full moon, would saturate on the sky easily (except with Halpha filter). Autoguiding possible (with QHY miniguidescope).

0.15 $SP per Minute

Brand Astro-Physics
Model Starfire EDFS 155
Diameter 155
Focal Ratio 7.57
Camera FLI PL16803 plus L, R, G, B, Ha, OIII, SII filters
Field of view 1.8x1.8° (1 pixel = 1.58 ")
Very high quality super sharp optics. Astro-Physics refractors are among the best instruments. This refracting telescope is ideal to target large emission nebulae as well as galaxies.

1 $SP per Minute

Brand Astrosib
Model RC 250
Diameter 250mm
Focal Ratio 8
Camera ASI ZWO 1600MM
Field of view 30'x23'
Astrosib RC 250, mounted on a modified EQ8 mount, equipped with a zwo 1600 camera. The filter wheel has LRGB Ha, OIII and SII filters. The very small pixels and long focal length give a 0.4"/pixel and a field of 30x23 arc minutes on the sky.

1 $SP per Minute